My Facebook Account is for “Junk”

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There’s no doubt in the value of a Facebook account for your business. It’s a social network that, depending on the objectives, I recommend for clients within the confines of a specific engagement strategy. However, there’s also no doubt that some people are experiencing Facebook fatigue, which marketers should be paying attention to.

Maybe some are leaving Facebook because it’s not the newest thing anymore, parental crackdowns, privacy concerns or simply uninterested. For my personal account, it’s probably the last two. Whatever the case may be, as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and other social networks continue to gain ground, the role of Facebook has shifted.

Do you remember the time you created a separate email account where all things coupons, subscriptions, registrations, etc. (clutter in your primary inbox) went to? Just me? While I have no statistical data to back this up, I have plenty of anecdotal. Recently I created a Facebook account for the same purpose. The sole reason I am on Facebook personally is so I have one place, one “feed,” to house all Facebook deals, updates, announcements, coupons and more from the brands I “Like.” I utilize other social media platforms to meet my objectives. For me, it’s perfect.

Have you done the same thing? Is it something you’d consider? Bad idea? We’ll find out soon enough.


Update 5/1:

I just came across this blog post on Twitter that was published today. It has the stats to back up the speculation when I wrote about it on 4/25. Take a look. http://ericttung.sharedby.co/share/VrlgC2