My Story

Public Relations/Marketing is worthless …

…is what I told myself about 12 years ago. Going to college near Nashville, many students flooded the PR classes in hopes of making it on Music Row and fulfill their dreams of snagging a country music star. No thanks. So being “practical,” I graduated with a political science degree, worked in the field and quickly realized I wanted nothing to do with it. On to my MBA.

It was then I stumbled upon a PR internship with the Tennessee Titans Radio Network. I took it, and that’s when my PR initiation took place. Sink or swim, prove yourself and produce results. As a lowly intern, that’s what I did. I had the opportunity to plan and execute promotions and be involved in community events with the cheerleaders and football players (I was always assigned to the not-so-cool guys – ask me who later). I was hooked.

After graduation and the internship came to a close, I had my first real PR and Integrated Marketing job. I was in a truly advantageous position. I was able to use public relations strategies and tactics while combining sound business and marketing principles. But I knew that no matter what, I had to meet the client’s business objectives. Communications comes down to you being a profit-maker. I got it, but I wanted to do more than what the Chattanooga market had to offer at the time.

I spent six years in Southern California learning and working with the best and the brightest. I spent time at agencies – large and small – doing PR, Marketing, Branding, Analytics, Web/Digital, Events, SEM, SM, and more. My clients and projects were located as close as a block away, a drive up PCH to Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, and a flight away to San Fran, New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Mexico. Coming back to Chattanooga in 2011, I saw that my hometown had boomed, grown and the business opportunities were impressive, energizing and smart. I dove right in.

I have an old-school work ethic in this new-school world. I strive for excellence and settle for nothing less. I like surrounding myself with smart people. I’m passionate and push myself to stay on-top of best practices and trends and know how, when and why to apply them. I want to help businesses succeed.

One of the best compliments I ever received from a client was at an informal meeting. While presenting campaign results, the client abruptly stood-up and left the room…and then came back…with a bottle…of champagne and toasted to our team’s success. I’m ready for more opportunities with clients to toast to our success.

~Leeann Moore

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