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Another Success Story

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The total is in. The Inaugural Drive Out ALS Charity Golf Tournament raised a total of $6,140 – all going to the East TN chapter of the ALS Association. This exceeded our first-year goal. The combination of hard work, partnerships, strategy, creativity and determination contributed to the success. Thank you, team!

We’re already planning next year’s event on behalf of Drive Out ALS. If you’re interested in participating in next year’s tournament or sponsorship opportunities, mark your calendar for May 10, 2014. Check for updates.

Collide PR Drive Out ALS Charity Golf Tournament Chattanooga TN


A Lesson on Client Relationships from Andy Bernard

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Clients expect attention, value and results – and you deliver. However, as we all know, there are times when CrankyPants Client refuses to be happy no matter what. And while there are many good books, blogs and webinars on how to navigate this situation, I have one more tactic to throw into the ring of solutions. Take a lesson from Andy Bernard of “The Office.” While often missing the mark, he really has the best of intentions, especially in the “Double Date” episode.

As explained by PopWatch – Dwight and Andy “helped” each other and did “favors” for one another: Dwight brought breakfast, so Andy bought everyone a taco lunch. (Bagels and tacos in one day? Best day ever!) Dwight cleaned the office freezer, so Andy shined Dwight’s briefcase. They tidied each other up, offered each other comical advice, and so on. These two are so obsessed with protocol that they can’t resist the siren song of etiquette. “Do not test my politeness,” Andy reminded us. Oh, we won’t.

Although this is about politeness, here is how I recommend using this attitude in regards to client relationships.

You give me a gift BAM! … Thank you note.. 

You invite me somewhere POW! …  RSVP

You do me a favor WAM! …Favor returned.

Do not test my politeness.

<And now for the client relationship translation>

You need a media recap? … THAT’S RIGHT! … Already in your inbox.

You wanted fresh ideas for next year’s planning? … BOOM! … We’re ready to present!

Want to see two design concepts?  … KA-POW! …Here’s three!

Do not doubt my commitment.


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