Meet Leeann Moore: Guiding Strategy from Multiple Perspectives

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From TNC’s blog. Originally published 7/19/17

True North Custom Sales Executive Leeann Moore brings a unique perspective to client strategy, with experience in B2B and B2C marketing, having worked on both coasts, and having served on the agency and client sides of the equation.

Q: What sets healthcare marketing apart from other types of marketing?

Every consumer decision is personal but healthcare is one of the most personal decisions you can make. When you are looking for quality of care and a brand you can trust, those elements are just as important as your reputation and services offered.

With marketing in the healthcare space, there are so many diverse audiences, you want to be sure you are not only communicating access to services they need, but you are communicating with them in a way they want to communicate, in a way that is relevant for them. This is especially true with the retailization of healthcare, as consumers seek healthcare options that match their personal interests, lifestyles, and hectic schedules.

At True North Custom, we’ve found success by drilling down to understand each client’s unique audience while planning a content strategy or service line campaign; otherwise, the message can become irrelevant to them — or worse, create a negative impression.

Q: What does success look like to you?

There are a lot of success stories and it is hard to choose just one, but there is one common theme: When hospitals do their research to get closer to the patients or physicians they’re working to engage. A little research before you develop, promote, and deploy your message goes a long way. Once the needs in their community or physician preferences have been identified, we can create a roadmap to reach them with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time.

We always enjoy being able to reach that audience with relevant content and share the results. Continuing to improve your marketing for healthcare means you are continually improving the impact on the health of your community — and it’s always exciting to see our clients have the results they desire with their campaigns.

For example, I worked closely with Nemour’s / Alfred I. duPont Children’s Hospital with an email campaign that targeted pediatric orthopedic surgeons. This email campaign sought to increase audience engagement, brand awareness and service line growth. By analyzing the data and fine tuning the content, we were able to achieve an open rate of 31.72% compared with other physician e-mail campaigns that have average open rates of 10-11%. The campaign also exceeded the average click-through rate for e-mails targeting physicians.

Q: What trends are you seeing in the field?

Thanks to search engines rewarding original material and brands working to differentiate their messages in a crowded market, custom content is king once again.

Now more than ever, creating your own content is really important no matter the channel (blog, magazine, newsletter, social) you choose to use. It is so easy to get lost in content clutter but custom content makes your message stand out and most importantly, it leads the consumer to you and positions your brand as a thought leader and subject matter expert.

Q: What is the most important message for healthcare marketers to receive in today’s industry landscape?

Don’t be afraid to try something new! You are never going to learn what works if you don’t at least try it. We can help take your ideas and show you how starting with a small idea can be just as impactful.  Don’t be afraid to try a new method. Experiment! Especially experiment with analytics and data, experiment with paid social. You don’t have to go big the first time around, you can ease into it at a level you are comfortable and get tangible results.

By experimenting and either achieving quick wins or failing fast, your next move will be even more successful than your last.


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